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And year of publication: between and
prologue (edition)
epilogue (edition)
preface on bible book (edition)
has illustrations (edition)
approbation (edition)
privilege (edition)
foliated (edition)
book headings (edition)
chapter headings (edition)
running headings (edition)
summaries of chapters (edition)
ornaments (edition)
printed annotations (edition)
scripture references (edition)
numbering of verses (edition)
handwritten annotations (copy)
furniture (copy)
pendrawings in margin (copy)
genealogical annotations (copy)
rubricated (copy)
coloured initials (copy)
painted initials (copy)
fastenings (copy)

In the expert search it is possible to create rich queries on the edition data, the illustration data or fields from both.

The search form has two parts. In the first, you can search on words or phrases on the full record ('any field') or in a specific field. If a field has an index, a button labelled index will appear to the right of the field.
The wildcards are the same as in other searches:

Up to three search terms can be combined using And (default), Or or Not. The search can also be narrowed down to a date range.

There are two choices to search: search editions or search illustrations. With the first, the results will be editions in which your edition-specific search terms occur, and in which illustrations can be found in which your illustration-specific search terms occur.
The second choice will find the illustrations in which your illustration-specific search terms occur, and illustrations which can be found in editions in which your edition-specific search terms occur.
There is one exception: it is not possible to search the edition-fields fingerprint and content when searching for illustrations.

Beside the free-text searchable fields, many characteristics are available as boolean fields, meaning they can be only yes or no. These are listed in the bottom part of the search screen.
By default, all boolean fields are set to - and skipped. Setting prologue to yes and epilogue to no will find all editions which do have a prologue and which do not have an epilogue (or, if searching illustrations, illustrations occurring in editions with a prologue and without an epilogue).

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