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Here you can search for bible editions. You can search for terms or phrases occurring in different bibliographical records.

For editions there is a standard search option for:

  1. any field: a word or phrase in any field of the bibliographical data;
  2. Biblia Sacra ID: a list of unique reference codes to records in the bibliography. It refers to the year of publication, the bible book, the language, the publisher. For example, 1491.Ps.dut.PvOvB.a indicates the psalterium printed in the Dutch language by Peter van Os van Breda in 1491;
  3. title: a list of words occurring in titles;
  4. bible books in edition: list of abbreviated designations of contents of bible edition, such as B/NT/Ps (see list);
  5. person: a list of names in the bibliography of those who were involved in the bible production (translator, artist, printer, publisher, etc.), sorted according to surnames;
  6. language: a list of all languages, in which editions in Biblia Sacra were translated;
  7. place of publication: a list of places where editions in Biblia Sacra were printed;
  8. year of publication between: see "entering dates" to learn how to search for a specific year or a date range.

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